Lutherans worship differently than many modern churches. We do so for several reasons.

· Historic reasons: We are not a new church, but a continuation of the historic church catholic—the universal Christian church established by Jesus Christ on the foundation of the Apostles and Prophets. (Modern church? Wasn’t the church founded 2000 years ago by Jesus?)

· Ecumenical reasons: We are not an “American” church but a worldwide church. We are answerable not to ourselves, but to the whole church around the world. Our order of worship is used today throughout the world, as it has been for hundreds of generations by people of every race and culture.

· Theological reasons: The historic form of Christian Worship, and the Lutheran Chorales, focus on what Jesus has done for us, not what we do for him. They focus on the objective truth of the Word of God, not on human emotions which sway and change not only from day to day, but from hour to hour.

· Musical reasons: Dionysian (base emotion driven) music focuses our attention on our selves and our feelings. It is therefore egocentric—“me”-centered. Apollonian (intellectually emotional) music focuses our attention on the message being conveyed about God and our salvation. It is therefore theocentric—God centered. We, with the church throughout history, choose intentionally not to try to emotionally manipulate people with music into “feeling good” about themselves but rather to focus on the Word of God sung and proclaimed.


If you are unfamiliar with the historic, worldwide liturgy of the church, Faith Lutheran offers you the opportunity to expand your horizons beyond the regional, narrow ideas about “worship” that are experienced on the typical American, southern scene. We offer the opportunity to join the historic worship of the church throughout the ages and around the world today.



The following are links in regard the doctrine of worship, as well as to items of interest in regard to the supporting musical and theological heritage encompassed in the worship of God in the divine service.

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Worship: The Divine Service